Unparalleled Outdoor Experiences 

Throughout the year, Backcountry Unlimited provides coordinating and instructional services for a variety of outdoor adventure activities you might be interested in.  Backcountry Unlimited serves as Outfitter, Guide, Teacher and Consultant to individuals, schools, and private groups to help facilitate outdoor programs.


Whether you’re a school looking for a class field trip and science lessons or a Profit/Non-Profit Organization looking for leadership training and a boost in positive office culture or a family looking to take your vacation to the next level we are here.


Backcountry Unlimited believes that people learn best when they are placed in an environment where they are comfortable, can be themselves, and are given an opportunity to gain new skills.  We believe that experiences that challenge us serves as necessary catalysts that enable people to become positive, productive and integrated leaders.


Our trained staff can present lessons on anything from nature studies to outdoor skills to leadership development and recreational activities. Our repertoire includes almost anything outdoors, from ecology & biology to group challenges, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, orienteering, kayaking, and informational sightseeing tours.  In addition, Backcountry Unlimited offers team building workshops and challenge outings for business and special groups.

No matter what the program, Backcountry Unlimited’s goal is to take advantage of the many lessons that outdoor adventure activities have to offer. Contact us today and see what we can do for you!


To book a custom Group Adventure please call 928-421-1046

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Phone:  (928) 421-1046

Prescott, Arizona, USA

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