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Adventure Travel Is Worth Every Penny

In 2017 more than 331 million people visited America’s National Parks and 791 million visited our State Parks. That’s more than double the United States population of 323 million. These statistics show how lucky America is to have these public lands and how many people from all over the world value them.


Not only is the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a group setting while participating in safe, challenging adventures priceless. But, adventure travel also benefits young adults in three major ways. First, it provides hands on experience whiles teaching invaluable life skills. Additionally, teens become empowered by learning how to rock climb, horseback ride, whitewater raft, mountain bike, hike, navigate in the backcountry, start a campfire, pitch a tent and prepare a group meal on a camp stove.  Finally, adventure travel provides youth the opportunity to meet a group of peers from a variety of ethnicities, viewpoints and values from all over the world, much less becoming friends and hang out with each other for a few weeks having cool adventures of a lifetime!


Teen adventure travel is not just about the adrenaline rush in a river raft. Some of the most transformative experiences come from just sitting around a campfire chatting about friends, parents, school and life. That’s how fresh perspectives and opinions are formed. An awesome road trip packed with adventures is the perfect way to do that.


Society spends billions of dollars per year on teen entertainment like video games, satellite TV packages, Internet subscriptions and cell phone plans. Those are admittedly fun diversions but these activities actually alienate and separate people from each other. There’s no better way to create meaningful, lifelong bonds with others than traveling with a bunch of other teens and two inspiring trip leaders for a few weeks.  


Adventure travel is positive and healthy in so many ways. New life skills, teen empowerment, self-confidence, group bonding, healthy social dynamics, new BFF’s, the list goes on. All those positive experiences equal a young adult who is prepared to become a leader, role model, best friend, college student and global citizen.


Nobody can put a dollar value on the feeling of standing up on their first wave on a surfboard, climbing their first mountain or meeting their new best friend. That’s why teen adventure travel really is worth every penny.

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